A refreshed brand strategy that tells the story of both history and future innovation.


As the first to discover oil in the Arabian Peninsula, Bapco has always been a pioneering force in the energy sector and in the region alike. Committed to setting industry standards and shaping the modern Kingdom of Bahrain, not simply through the generation of wealth but through the development of manpower.

Yet significant shifts in this sector – volatile energy prices, regional competitors – are posing ramifications globally. Given the reality that the energy sector will continue to dominate the Middle East region for some time, it is important for brands to become more strategically transparent.

In a tumultuous geopolitical landscape, Bapco wanted to seize the opportunity to play a positive role in ensuring greater economic security, enlightening the nation and ultimately helping to ensure future growth, employment and prosperity – something which is critical to security in the region and beyond.

Ultimately the brand needed to undergo transformative modernization to remain competitive for the future world. Bapco partnered with Siegel+Gale to evolve for a new phase of its history. The task was to develop a brand that would not only have a unifying effect internally but also one that would portray a clear and consistent offer to the wider world.


Through research and immersion, we uncovered Bapco’s numerous strengths as an organisation. Using these findings, we worked with Bapco’s stakeholders to develop a new brand strategy that would lay the foundation for how the company communicates verbally and visually. A simple, clear articulation of Bapco’s purpose—“Bringing energy to the world for the enduring prosperity of the Kingdom of Bahrain”—served as a platform for a new brand voice and values. Complementing this the “Empowering Progress” tagline, amplifies Bapco’s forward looking and substantial role.

With the various portfolio needs and customer touchpoints fully understood, we crafted an identity to work as a visual shorthand for all Bapco stood for. A stylised rendition of the original Bapco drop icon was developed to bring freshness, energy and simplicity. Charged with a sense of movement, dynamism and ascension and proud projection of Bahraini heritage, it conveys a clear nod to the Kingdom’s national colour, dressed in a distinctive contemporary style.


Shedding the negative outdated perceptions, Siegel+Gale has helped to reinstate Bapco as a leader and progressive world player. Bapco’s modern and dynamic brand is complemented and reinforced by a new strong, consistent voice and visual style across all brand touchpoints.

Since its launch, the newly evolved Bapco brand has already seen resultant operational reality. Internally, Siegel+Gale delivered employee engagement workshops to embed the brand story and turn Bapco’s values into tangible behaviours. The clear employer value proposition Siegel+Gale defined is also now serving as the foundation for recruitment and enabling consistent internal HR communications globally.

The brand evolution has also made collaboration easier – one Bapco, with a common purpose – and, in very practical terms, it has avoided a number of duplications in other processes and marketing deliverables.

We continue to work with Bapco on the next phase of this engagement, yet already the brand is propelling itself forward towards future growth and further success.


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