If the past two and a half years had a motto, it would be, “The only constant is change.” Change has permeated nearly every part of life, producing friction and complexity. But companies are not investing in or deploying brand-led experiences in such a way to prioritize consumers, ultimately alleviating friction and complexity.

In this month’s newsletter, Group Director of Experience, Jared Fink, offers simple solutions for the airline, health-and-wellness, and hotel industries, examining fundamental consumer needs—and how brands can create experiences that satisfy those needs.


Part 1: The Core, the Unmet and the Desired

“Save for fueling the airplane with a witch’s brew of two parts Mountain Dew and one part Red Bull, we can’t help your plane get from A to B faster.” But we can offer simple brand-led experiences for the airline industry. So, unlike your upcoming flight, don’t delay. .

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Part 2: The Plateau

Here, Jared discusses how the health-and-wellness industry must create an ecosystem of brand-led experiences to attract customers. Find out how to throw such words as “clinical,” “intolerable,” and “anxiety-inducing” in that orange biohazard bin.


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Part 3: Working hard, or hardly working?

“No longer the pinnacle of posh, heritage hotels are, like the unripe cubes of honeydew at their breakfast buffet, unwanted.” In the final part of this series, Jared examines how, despite their best storytelling effort, many hotels aren’t checking-in trends or brand-led experiences.


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