Building advantage

Refining a brand for growth: From a Swiss start-up to an international leader


Founded in April 2018, Taurus was born from a vision to simplify and accelerate access to blockchain-based markets. With one unified platform, its clients can manage any digital asset: cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, and digital currencies. Experiencing rapid growth, from start-up to more than 50% market share within three years in its native Switzerland, the brand was in a unique position. However, with plans to develop into a global leader, Taurus needed a solid brand foundation.


This project was a true collaboration. With founding partners and CMO heavily aligned on their purpose and values and involved in every aspect of the business, they could provide an in-depth snapshot of the climate and a deep understanding of not just Taurus but its customers.

This knowledge allowed us to uncover that conveying trust was vital, as was demonstrating the organization’s level of expertise in both Finance, Technology and Regulation. We focused on the information that revealed the true value to Taurus’ customers–the speed and ease of offering digital asset advantage.


We helped Taurus to define a brand platform that leads with ‘Build your digital asset advantage.’ The brand platform was reflected in a visual identity that balances trusted Swiss structure and function with a modern and eye-catching color and typeface, reflecting the innovative nature of the business.

Ensuring approachability of the brand was vital. The identity, optimized to align with the digital world in which it lives, included everything from imagery to fonts and colors.
The visual identity is based on a foundation of the classic Swiss grid structure with deep grey and white colors. It balances a structured feel synonymous with the industry, with a modern edge generated by the addition of the stand-out, highlight pink color. Coupled with a clean and geometric typeface, the identity conveys trust while communicating a modern and fresh twist.
The website, often the first touchpoint Taurus customers engage with, is a key part of the brand experience. The site redesign injects clarity, confidence, and innovation while highlighting success Taurus has already achieved.
The clean and sharp logo offers an edge with the letter R and reflects the idea of “above the line” in the initial T letter. It also provides a graphic element that plays a vital role in the visual system. The pink dash above the T represents the advantage Taurus offers its customers in the digital assets space.

Siegel+Gale was more than a design agency; they were an extended part of the Taurus team. They helped us synthesize the value and impact we bring to our clients daily: a digital asset platform that gives them a sustainable competitive advantage. The visual language of the evolved brand reveals a Taurus always more customer-centric, cutting-edge, and innovative.

Victor Busson, CMO & Head of Strategic Partnerships, Taurus