Empowering more possibilities

Revitalizing for diversity


Shenergy is a state-owned company founded in 1987 by the Shanghai Municipal SASAC. In recent years, it became a conglomerate that covers a diverse set of industries, with multiple layers of sub-enterprises. Though Shenergy has established itself as a comprehensive energy enterprise group that thrives on expanding into multiple industries, the company lacked a clear brand position to highlight its diversity and inclusion. Shenergy also needed to revitalize its brand image to complement its updated brand position across various touchpoints consistently.


By conducting extensive interviews and in-depth analyses, we could fully observe and understand the vast array of rich stories Shenergy has among various industries. These stories helped us identify Shenergy’s mission to improve quality of life with energy security and supply. This mission gave us the foundation for a strategic and creative brand refresh.


Guided by the new brand positioning of ‘Empowering more possibilities,’ we identified a comprehensive hybrid brand architecture. This architecture mapped out Shenergy’s expansion into various business areas and positioned each sub-enterprise distinctly. Rooted in Shenergy’s brand strategy, we created a consistent and vivid visual identity system to highlight Shenergy as an accountable, inclusive, modern and forward-looking brand.

The 16 dots within the new logo highlight Shenergy’s integration of superior resources for the public, showcasing the brand's drive, insight and foresight towards different industries. It also highlights Shenergy’s mission to bring more possibilities to people's lives through diversified services.
We used a combination of red and black to create a visual balance of hard and soft elements, which vividly reflect the energy industry. Red represents Shenergy’s responsibility and mission to ensure a stable supply of energy and city operation maintenance, and black visually depicts Shenergy as a determined and trustworthy company.


2021 Transform Awards, APAC
Best visual identity from energy and utilities—Gold