Two unions, one voice

Creating a unifying identity for the people who entertain and inform our world


Committed to protecting and growing a diverse member base of media and entertainment professionals, SAG-AFTRA formed in 2012, uniting two of America’s great labor unions—the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. As powerful champions for the people who entertain and inform the world, these legendary institutions shared a common goal. But after eight decades of operation, merging the two would not be an easy feat. SAG-AFTRA approached us to bring its brand mission to life—and into the next century.


Following an exploratory fact-finding audit, we created a unique visual identity that drew on the vast histories of both organizations and delivered on their combined promise. The new logo, featuring a bold, heroic figure with its arm raised in triumph and solidarity, not only celebrates the members as individual professionals but also bolsters the intent and importance of the union, expressing the primary brand attributes of strength, excellence and unity. Whether at work or on strike, the new figure serves as a powerful symbol for the famously wide range of industry professionals.


The new logo was approved by the SAG-AFTRA and was featured prominently during the landmark public unveiling of the SAG-AFTRA Plaza in Los Angeles a year later. As the industry evolves with new trends and technologies, the organization’s branding continues to serve as a clarion call for respect and protection.


“We hired Siegel+Gale because we trust the judgment and creative expertise of their leadership team,” said Pamela Greenwalt, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, SAG-AFTRA. “The simplicity in the process was exactly what we thought we would get—an amazing and creative team who brought us concepts and designs that adapted the right visual elements into the new identity, brand and logo.”

“I think the new logo is terrific and will serve us well. It captures the humanity we bring to our crafts—whether we are actors, broadcasters or recording artists, we bring excellence to all that we do.”
—Ken Howard, (Former) President, SAG-AFTRA


The strategic thinking and innovative and creative design was superior. The whole team was brilliant and driven to find the right solutions for our organization.

Pamela Greenwalt, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, SAG-AFTRA