Mizuho Americas

The biggest bank you never heard of

Helping a global finance leader express its fresh perspective


Mizuho Financial Group—one of the largest financial institutions in the world—had a strong reputation in the Americas and impressive people on the ground. But with little brand awareness, Mizuho Americas needed a way to tell its story to potential clients and employees, and develop an in-market brand presence that would stand out, a world away from its parent company.


Mizuho was masterfully blending its Japanese heritage of level-headed action with its local-market expertise in the Americas. Instead of choosing one perspective over another, the company took a hybrid approach, embracing the best of both worlds to act with agility while delivering a range of financial and advisory services.


Guided by a new core idea—“And, not or”—we set to work building the Mizuho Americas website from the ground up. To showcase the company’s hybrid culture, we created a dynamic digital experience that is equal parts solid and nimble. The site signals Mizuho’s ability to adapt to market changes and client needs, and it serves as a compelling thought leadership platform and springboard for ongoing marketing initiatives.


50%: The increase in monthly page views following launch

25%: The amount of web traffic coming from organic search following launch

Creativity International Awards—Gold, Brand Video

Creativity International Awards—Silver, Web Redesign

W3 Awards—Silver, Website Visual Appeal

W3 Awards—Silver, Website Best Practice

W3 Awards—Silver, Financial Services Website

The end result is unlike anything we’ve done at Mizuho before, and so true to Mizuho.

Cheryl Gilberg, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Mizuho Americas