And, not or: how a global leader in finance broadens its footprint in the Americas


Mizuho Americas, an integral part of the Japan-based Mizuho Financial Group—one of the largest financial institutions in the world—found that despite a strong reputation and impressive people on the ground in the Americas, there was little awareness of the Mizuho name, what the company stood for or the breadth of their capabilities. In their own words, they were the biggest bank you never heard of.

Faced with the challenge of explaining who they are to a market of both potential clients and talent, Mizuho sought to strategically communicate their unique offering to the Americas region—an offering that employs both the balance and wisdom of Japanese culture, while leveraging the market expertise and tenacity of local talent.


Mizuho, we found, can be summarized by the positioning statement—And, not or. After in-depth work sessions and extensive stakeholder interviews, together we discovered that Mizuho’s Japanese heritage of stable decision-making, attention to detail and long-term vision, paired with their knowledge and presence in the Americas, creates a hybridity of viewpoints that affords them a massive advantage in their space. Rather than choosing one perspective over others, Mizuho incorporates the best of both worlds into an equilibrium that allows them to act with agility, while delivering advisory and financial services across a range of industry sectors.

To articulate Mizuho’s unique offering in their digital experience, our team embraced the idea of Mizuho’s hybridity, conveying the nuances of its identity along with the benefits they bring Mizuho clients. At first glance, Mizuho’s digital experience is solid, with a memorable site experience and confident messaging and design, reflecting its Japanese heritage of levelheaded action. Look again and Mizuho is nimble, adapting to the market and the needs of their clients. Providing a platform to elevate their people and showcase thought leadership, their digital experience affords both a means for clients to see Mizuho’s innovative solutions at work, and a setting to attract talent and inspire employees.


Together, their brand positioning and revived digital experience serve as a springboard for all Mizuho Americas’ marketing initiatives. “The end result is unlike anything we’ve done at Mizuho before,” says Cheryl Gilberg, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer at Mizuho Americas, “and so true to Mizuho.”

With Mizuho Americas’ average monthly pageviews up 50% when compared to legacy websites, and a quarter of all web traffic coming from organic search, it’s apparent that as Mizuho enters this new stage in their development, with their clear brand offering and engaging digital experience, they’re poised for success in the Americas marketplace.

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