Essential technology, done right

Reimagining a legacy semiconductor brand with partnership at the center


Following the introduction of new leadership, Marvell, a 25-year-old semiconductor company, had transformed its business to focus exclusively on infrastructure technology—and they needed to signal that shift to the world.


The new Marvell brand needed to unify multiple mergers and acquisitions that expanded its portfolio, stand out in a competitive landscape and modernize the organization.


In an industry full of transactional relationships, Marvell’s approach to partnership challenged the status quo and put customers at the center.


With the belief that better partnership is the foundation for building better technology, Marvell’s customer-centric, dynamic approach to working permitted them to stand out for not just what the organization provides to customers but how they uniquely deliver it.


We worked hand-in-hand with Marvell’s leadership to craft a new brand that reflected the organization’s challenger mentality in the market.


The new brand positioning, “Essential technology, done right,” elevated the role of Marvell as a provider of the essential building blocks that enable the data-driven world we live in. It also honed in on the organization’s customer-centric approach and commitment to long-term partnerships through the phrase “done right,” which speaks to Marvell’s dedication to delivering the best solution for each customer’s needs, while also reflecting the organization’s culture and commitment to creating relationships built on integrity and respect.

The logo centers around an origin point that expands into
radiating ripples of impact. Made up of multiple layers and
angles to reveal an “M” for Marvell, the symbol conveys precision,
focus, growth and progress.

After a multiyear transformation journey, we set out to craft a new Marvell brand that was not just distinct from competitors but authentic to who we are and the experience of working with Marvell.

The team at Siegel+Gale were fantastic partners in the process, not just in creating a new aesthetic but also in really listening to our story and helping us create a clear and powerful vision for the Marvell brand that matched the new company we had become.

—Chris Koopmans, Chief Operations Officer, Marvell

In the system, nested images speak to the essential nature
of Marvell’s solutions while highlighting their scalability.
Precise arrangements of triangular building blocks reflect
the modularity of Marvell products while nodding to the
formal language of the logo.
We created a geometric illustration style that mirrors
the angularity of the graphic motif to create a world that
feels distinctly Marvell. Characters are animated using realistic
natural movements to infuse humanity and life into a style that
is otherwise reductive and graphic.