Freddie Mac

The leading edge


Freddie Mac’s Single-Family housing division was lagging behind that of its principal competitor, Fannie Mae. In order to drive primary lenders to change their behavior—to use the Freddie Mac’s Loan Advisor suite over Fannie Mae’s, and sell more mortgage loans to Freddie—we needed to develop a powerful challenger-brand campaign.


We immersed ourselves in Freddie’s market challenges and signal strengths with the help of quantitative and qualitative research. We discovered that Freddie’s tools help lenders move faster from loan origination to approval, eliminate steps and lower costs. The data analysis and modeling behind Freddie’s tools resulted in fewer loan defaults, as few as 1%—making Freddie the industry’s standard bearer.


We captured these powerful advantages in a simple, compelling campaign idea: “The Freddie Edge.” From there, we built a bold visual and verbal toolkit to tell The Freddie Edge story that included digital, print and event creative. After a successful first year, The Freddie Edge grew from a single campaign into the unifying branding for Freddie Mac’s entire Single-Family business.


The Freddie Edge campaign increased usage of the Loan Advisor Suite by 8% within four months.
It generated five billion impressions, drove a 41% increase in branded search over six months, and helped increase web sessions by 49%—improving page view counts and time on site per session.