In this month’s newsletter, you’re invited to our next Unlocking Brand webinar with global B2B product leader BorgWarner. Our Co-CEO + Chief Strategy Officer, David Srere, delves into our “simplicity” philosophy on the latest episode of Brand Master Podcast, discussing how best to embrace simplicity in a competitive market. Matt Egan, Managing Director, Strategy, explores brand building and brand strategy in an M&A context. And, catch up on our recent media features: like a new op-ed on AI uses for brand builders—penned by our Associate Director of Brand Communication, Analicia Sotelo, and Associate Director of Naming, Scott Wolman—and Adweek’s Tools of the Trade series, where our Design Director, Fernanda Canellas, is featured.


You’re invited: How do you leverage brand for a B2B business transformation?

Join us on July 18th for our next virtual Unlocking Brand event featuring a conversation on how to leverage brand for transformation in a B2B enterprise. Global CMO Margaret Molloy will host Michelle Collins, Global Director, Marketing and Public Relations, BorgWarner, a global product leader in innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the vehicle market. Along with Siegel+Gale’s Matt Egan and Jason Miller, they will explore how to link business transformation with brand strategy, develop a dynamic logo and future-proof it and activate a new brand that supports all stakeholders.

Can AI be a valuable tool for brand builders?

Associate Director, Brand Communication, Analicia Sotelo, and Associate Director, Naming, Scott Wolman share three ways creatives of all stripes can think about AI as a tool to simplify and magnify how they work.

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The simplification strategy

Want to unlock the power of simplicity to achieve branding success? On the latest episode of Brand Master Podcast, Co-CEO + Chief Strategy Officer, David Srere, explores our “simplicity” philosophy, the common mistakes to avoid in simplification and how to move from the “what” to the “so what.”

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Brand strategy and M&A

“Corporate transactions create unique opportunities to create lasting brand value. True leaders take advantage of these opportunities to define a new future for themselves and their teams, and to build new brand experiences that motivate customers and mobilize talent.”

Our Managing Director, Strategy, Matt Egan, talks about how brands are built and shares tips for thinking about brand strategy in the context of mergers and acquisitions.

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Tools of the trade

Adweek’s Tools of the Trade series highlights the many tools that help make creatives successful—from a favorite drafting table to the best software program or a pair of headphones. Our Design Director, Fernanda Canellas, shares the one tool she uses that keeps her performing at top form.

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