In this month’s newsletter, our branding experts explore how, during increased economic volatility, strong brand building is paramount in reassuring stakeholders and helping them to prioritize where to invest their trust and resources.


Today’s preparation, tomorrow’s success

As inflation rises worldwide, Strategy Director, Patrick Kampff, outlines how strong brands can provide emotional reward and reassurance to consumers on every spend they make.

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Emotional intelligence

Major market shifts are intensifying the importance of smart branding for B2B. Our Global CMO, Margaret Molloy, posits that these new realities make it more critical than ever for B2B brands to focus on impactful experiences that appeal to emotions.


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Survival skills

In uncertain times, brand is the core asset that is key to not only survival, but, ultimately, long-term growth post-crisis. Our Global Director of Business Analytics + Insights, Brian Rafferty, reveals why in our Siegel+Gale Says podcast.


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How do you measure up?

Facts matter. In this Unlocking Brand, President for EMEA, Philip Davies, joins Ben Osborne, Head of Insights, EMEA, to examine the quantitative and qualitative measurement tools that we use to shape world-class brands.


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The science of brand contribution

How can brand owners make the intangible tangible? In this episode of Brand Matters, Ben Osborne, Head of Insights, EMEA, answers that and more. (Spoiler alert: focus on brand contribution.)


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