When a company goes public, the focus is on boosting investor confidence—but it takes more than strong financial reports to woo the market. The secret star of the show is brand, and the most successful IPOs are those that spend as much time on brand as on balance sheets. In this month’s newsletter, learn how we’ve helped brands navigate the path to going public.


A new era of more

Three months after unveiling their new brand, GlobalFoundries (GF) started trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Raising nearly $2.6 billion in their IPO, GF marked the largest semiconductor IPO in history. Learn how we helped rebrand the technology giant.

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Media that matters

In 2015, Gannett, one of the largest newspaper publishers in the United States, decided to separate into two publicly traded companies, spinning off its digital and broadcast divisions to simplify and codify its position as a print publisher. Find out how we created TEGNA, a new spinoff brand that carries on the prowess, heritage and quality of the Gannett name while establishing itself as a force in the marketplace.

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Be commerce confident

When eBay Enterprise spun off from eBay, eBay Enterprise emerged as an unknown brand holding the name recognition of its predecessor, but with no clear story of their own.

Discover how we helped Radial, the resultant company, extricate itself from a history of spinoff activity that was complicating both identity and brand potential, communicate its renewed commitment to customer satisfaction and differentiate its offering from other existing logistics firms.

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Home sweet (smart) home

In 2018, Honeywell’s home business was opening a new door. Its homes and ADI Global Distribution businesses were spun off into an independent, publicly traded company. With the goal of simplifying the smart home experience and a short turnaround time, we partnered with the Fortune 100 technology company to name the spinoff and shape the new brand’s positioning and identity.

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