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Siegel+Gale’s visual identity design work for Birchbox and BirchboxMan was awarded an honorable mention by the HOW: Promotion and Marketing Design Awards. We’re proud to share our work with you below. 


Birchbox—the start-up that redefined the beauty category, was in an increasingly crowded space. Their competition was rapidly expanding, and they needed to reach beyond their loyal customer—the young beauty enthusiast.

We helped Birchbox define a larger underserved audience as “The Beauty Majority”: The 80% of women who see beauty as a useful part of their lives but not core to their sense of self.

From there, it was simple. We developed a visual identity to create a home for The Beauty Majority where perfection isn’t idolized and beauty is fun. The outcome was an approachable alternative to the impersonal atmosphere of mainstream cosmetics.

We were inspired by photo outtakes—not the selects, but the playful doodles. Not the final blueprints, but the beautiful imperfections. This resulted in patterns and graphic elements employing gestural brushstrokes and other marks of the hand to create an aesthetic that celebrates what beauty really is.


Struggling to differentiate itself from its well-known and feminine masterbrand, BirchboxMan lacked a distinct visual identity, and was treated as a masculine adaptation of Birchbox’s flagship offering. This posed a problem as men are generally less likely to engage with a brand that appears to be designed for women.

To develop a distinct identity for BirchboxMan, we created an identity rooted in the concept of game to ensure the brand would appeal to a broader male audience. After all, even if you’re not a football jock, everyone’s a little competitive.

Our Concept: Level Up

Making moves, taking leaps, following cues, collecting cred—it’s time to level up your grooming game. BirchboxMan is here to make grooming fun, actionable, and super simple so you can play at your best. Whether you need life-boosting tips, date-night-saving trivia or a game-day blitz, we’ll keep you moving so you can win IRL. #challengeaccepted