SMPL Q&A is a blog feature in which we interview experts on all things relevant to branding, design and simplicity. In this Q&A we speak with Aaron Hall, director of naming, about our engagement with nonprofit agency Russ Reid & Grizzard. Read the official announcement here

Why did Russ Reid & Grizzard engage Siegel+Gale?

When these two charitable, fundraising giants decided to merge their efforts to make an even bigger impact in the world, they hit a hurdle. Each had its own brand, its own purpose, and most notably, they were each named after their founders. Their question to us was, “How do we create a brand and a name that not only unites our two companies, but also serves as the north star for our new combined mission?”

What were some unique challenges in creating a name for Russ Reid & Grizzard?

As with many naming projects, one of the toughest challenges is determining just how creative, quirky, or playful we can be with the name. We searched far and wide to share a range of creative options with their team. It became very clear what felt authentic and true for these two agencies. They are such honest, warm, sincere folks who are dedicated to changing the world. The perfect name needed to reflect the humanity of their people.

Tell us about the new name, One & All.

There really was no doubt in the room when we shared the name One & All. Everyone loved it immediately. It accomplishes so many important tasks:

  • It signals a uniting of two companies and their cultures
  • It highlights their new shared purpose, to help and care for one and all
  • It nods to how they will achieve that purpose, by connecting with donors through a spirit of sharing—being part of humanity—instead of just “giving”

That’s a lot for any single name to accomplish. No wonder it was such a hit at first glance!

Alan Hall, chief executive officer of the agency put it best when he said, “One & All speaks to the deep emotional connection and shared purpose that people experience when they donate to nonprofits. It taps into the power of sharing, the sense that we can achieve more through cooperation than through competition, and that by donating, we are paying back all that we have received in life. It’s the basis of the Golden Rule.”

How does the new name help activate this meaningful rebrand?

No name operates alone. One & All is a powerful name that accompanies an equally powerful brand belief and tagline: The Power of We. By uniting donors and clients around a new purpose of sharing, we become stronger problem solvers. It also gives life to the powerful idea that when we give, we become more connected to the world that one and all of us inhabit. One & All pairs perfectly with and amplifies the new tagline The Power of We. Yet another way One & All perfectly solved this challenge.

Aaron Hall is director, naming at Siegel+Gale. Follow him on Twitter: @brainwoosh