NEW YORK–October 10, 2023 – Siegel+Gale, the global brand experience firm—known as The Simplicity Company—has today announced its World’s Simplest Brands Tenth Edition (WSBX). WSBX ranks the leading brands on simplicity, asking more than 15,000 people across nine countries which brands and industries provide the simplest experiences. According to the research, 64% of people are willing to pay more for simpler brand experiences, and 78% of people are more likely to recommend a brand for its simpler experiences and communications.

Brand complexity results in $780 billion of total annual unrealized revenue among the global brands surveyed. Additionally, since 2009, the publicly traded simplest brands consistently outperform the average global stock index by 1,600%.

From where they shop to how they communicate, people put a premium on experiences that are easy to understand; transparent and honest; caring for and meeting their needs; innovative and fresh; and useful. In short, simple.

“The world has never been more complex, and for consumers, the number of brand interactions has skyrocketed. While brand experiences happen at every touchpoint across a consumer’s journey, they’re not all created equal. After measuring the value of simplicity across ten editions of World’s Simplest Brands, one finding is abundantly clear: When you understand and simplify your most important experiences, it pays,” said David Srere, co-CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Siegel+Gale.

People today are prioritizing brands that deliver on the promise of simplicity, and they are willing to pay a premium for it,” said Howard Belk, co-CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Siegel+Gale. “From finance to technology to groceries, the findings in World’s Simplest Brands Tenth Edition reveal that simplicity is not a byproduct of success – it’s the reason why brands thrive.”

Additional key learnings:

  • Consumers perceive brands’ DEI and ESG communications as complex: Understanding maxes out at 37% and 42%, respectively.
  • Industry scores signal continued desire to shake isolation: Restaurant, hotel and travel booking industries had significant increases globally
  • Post-COVID streaming takes a hit: Several streaming/video-on-demand brands (e.g., Netflix, Disney+, Hulu) have fallen in rankings, given new account sharing restrictions for users and increasing provider options.
  • X (Twitter) is most complex: Social media brands have fallen in rankings both globally and domestically, and X (Twitter) now ranks as the most complex brand in the U.S.

Regarding additional unique offerings in WSBX, Brian Rafferty, Global Director of Analytics + Insights, Siegel+Gale, said, “Throughout our studies over the years, we have always seen some industries rated as simpler than others, like internet search. But with a deeper dive into consumer journeys for World’s Simplest Brands Tenth Edition, we have found opportunities to simplify the consumer experience in every industry to drive business success.”

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About World’s Simplest Brands

To determine the global state of simplicity, Siegel+Gale fielded a survey with more than 15,000 respondents in nine countries to gather perspectives on simplicity and how industries and brands make people’s lives simpler or more complex. Globally, 25 industries and more than 800 brands were rated on their perceived simplicity. The brands were selected as a representative set that respondents would be most likely to know and/or use in each country.

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