Mazoon Dairy is Oman’s first vertically integrated dairy company. We collaborated with Mazoon to position the brand as a disruptive challenger to the market, developing a clean, modern identity as well as robust employee engagement initiatives. In this SMPL Q&A, we speak with Zouheir Zoueihed, Managing Director and Dalia Fawaz, Creative Director, about our engagement.

Zouheir Zoueihed, Managing Director

What is Mazoon Dairy?
Mazoon Dairy is the largest integrated dairy business to be launched in Oman, as part of the government’s food security program. Mazoon Dairy will include a farm that will house 8,200 imported cows and manufacturing facilities that will process millions of liters of milk daily to produce fresh milk for consumer consumption. Additionally, Mazoon will be producing cheeses, ice cream and high-quality fruit juices for daily distribution across Oman and the region.

How did this project come about?
This project was among the key initiatives led by the government and in partnership with private investors to fulfill Oman’s food security programs. Along with poultry and meat products, dairy products are one of the primary foods that Oman relies heavily on importing—hence the decision to launch the Mazoon Dairy project. A growing dairy market across the GCC region and regional shifts in dietary and lifestyle requirements have made this project equally commercially viable. As Mazoon Dairy launches, it will focus on its primary market but eventually, will grow into neighboring markets, such as the UAE and Eastern Africa.

What is the inspiration behind the “Force of Nature” messaging?
The main brand idea, “Force of Nature,” symbolizes several things: the power of dairy products in raising and maintaining healthy people regardless of age, embodying the spirit of the organization as a leading dairy business in Oman, building an industry from scratch, and creating unique job opportunities for Omanis. By positioning Oman as the birthplace of Mazoon Dairy, it inspires the nation to be a force for good and change.

What made this engagement unique?
Since day one, this was a true partnership and collaboration, with multiple parties from different backgrounds coming together to make the project a success. While Siegel+Gale led the research and brand-building, we worked alongside packaging designers, PR, and digital and communications partners, to ensure the brand was ready to hit supermarket shelves successfully. It was also imperative to balance and manage the diverse group of shareholders, whether government or private investors, that had a voice in the project.

Dalia Fawaz, Creative Director

Can you describe the process behind developing the new visual identity?
Mazoon was a dream project for any creative; we helped launch a basic, taken for granted product from scratch. The client was very clear from the get-go: they wanted to disrupt the category and unveil something that felt modern and bold but still answered to Oman’s values of modesty and elegance. We set out to create something that felt simple, memorable, yet contemporary—and with a profound story to tell.

What role did simplicity play in the creative process?
Having many different layers to how the Mazoon Dairy brand was structured meant that we had to find a solid framework of communication relevant to all the aspects of the business. We examined how corporate would communicate as well as how the consumer brand would reach out to its new customers. We needed to be simple and pointed in how we presented our solution to the client, and simple and effective in how we expressed the new product to the consumer.

How does the visual identity reflect the characteristics of Omani society?
I think its the simple idea of growth and regeneration. Omanis deeply value their heritage and use their rich history to build a sustainable future. Oman is also the greenest member state of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and they pride themselves on having a very natural and healthy lifestyle. The identity was very much about celebrating that way of life.