This article originally appeared in The Drum.

Isn’t ‘brilliant’ the most overused word? Like ‘legend.’ Or ‘genius.’ Hear it and eyes roll. Sighs ensue. Tutting begins. The thing is, not everyone has it. In just the same way that there aren’t that many brilliant people – if brilliance in people is the top half of the top 1% – there can’t be that many brilliant brands.

Brilliant brands are made of different stuff, but what?

Truth and ice cream

The first thing they are made of is the truth. They never try to be something that they’re not. It’s one of those endless quotes perhaps apocryphally attributed to Oscar Wilde: “Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Brilliant brands know themselves and know only to be themselves, and always make a virtue out of that.


Philip Davies is President, EMEA.