Our recent rebranding work for West Coast client GlobalFoundries was covered in both Transform and BrandNew. In Adweek, Margaret Molloy commented on the shift in how many affluent shoppers are redefining luxury; Chris Lehtonen weighed in on brands funding anti-LGTBQ+ lawmakers; and Sandra Habib discussed why viral trends are a chance to reinvigorate brands with younger generations. Mel McShane spoke to Morning Consult about why brands need to start from the inside when it comes to Pride campaignsIn a byline for The Drum, Liz Olsen shared ways on how to convert Gen Z consumers into powerful brand advocates. Derrick Mead penned a piece for MediaPost about how brands can use key messaging elements to prepare for Juneteenth outreach next year. In a profile for Authority Magazine, Jared Fink offered ways brands can create compelling customer experiences. In a byline for Multichannel Merchant, Victoria Kurzweg investigated how brand-building can create digital brand worlds that span multiple realities + evolve into the future. Jason Cieslak spoke with AdAge about marketers needing to be inventive in finding ways to bring the Olympics, and their role in it, to people—not the other way around. On The JUST Branding Podcast, Scott Buschkuhl discusses designing for humans. And Brian Rafferty spoke to the ANA about consumer brands expanding efforts to diversify their portfolios and why it’s crucial to understand where a brand can and cannot stretch.


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