From the latest mergers and acquisitions re-shaping the business landscape to the buzz surrounding Super Bowl LVIII, we’ve got you covered. But that’s not all – our partnerships with OneTen and Entriva spotlight the power of effective brand building, and we have a new podcast episode dedicated to simplifying the employee experience. Let’s jump right in!


M&A makes a comeback

Mergers and acquisitions are back in full force — there’s Capital One’s bid for Discover and Walmart’s offer to TV-maker Vizio. So far, deals announced globally in 2024 total about $425 billion — a more than a 50% increase over last year. In this episode of Branding 101, our global branding experts examine why a merger or acquisition is the perfect time to reassess your brand story, visual identity, culture and brand-led experiences, propelling your new entity into the future.

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One million careers for Black talent

Days after George Floyd’s death, a group of leading executives came together to discuss how corporations like theirs could take meaningful and sustained action for racial justice and equity in America. Together, they formed a coalition committed to upskilling, hiring and promoting one million Black individuals into family-sustaining careers over the next ten years. From naming to messaging, visual identity to digital expression, learn how we partnered with OneTen to further the promise of economic empowerment for Black talent in America.

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Travel made simple

For over 30 years, global B2B visa company, CIBT, has been offering visa, passport and immigration services to corporate travelers and travel management. But CIBT was exploring uncharted territory—consumer travel. The new digital travel brand, Entriva, comes at a time when global travel is up more than 200%, and simplifies the experience for travelers navigating an increasingly complex landscape of new and mandatory travel documentation. Learn how we helped to create a standout consumer product from a legacy B2B brand.

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Go big or go home

With 30-second spots at this year’s game costing about $7 million, the Super Bowl has become a potent platform for brands—from promoting new products to forging connections with audiences and, in some cases, creating distance from controversy. Whether it was celeb takeovers or Big Tech and AI showing up, our Experience experts, Amy Chen, Jenna Isken and Kyle Telman, weigh in on the ads from Super Bowl LVIII and which brands played to win.

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Simplifying the employee experience

Employees who work in simple workplaces—those where people easily get their work done and feel productive doing so—behave uniquely. They advocate on behalf of their company, innovate more and have higher retention rates. However, only one out of four employees find their workplace to be truly simple. From identifying your brand purpose to engaging your brand champions, Jared Taylor, Associate Director, Brand-led Change, shares five foundational actions to simplify the employee experience in our latest Siegel+Gale Says podcast episode.

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