As two young women in the early stages of our careers, we wanted to celebrate some of the most inspiring simplifiersthe mothers at Siegel+Gale.

This Mother’s Day, some of the moms from across our global offices share their wisdom by answering, “What does simplicity mean to you?” Here’s what they had to say.

Erin Proud, Marketing Coordinator, New York + Ayesha Ewing, Marketing Coordinator, West Coast

New York:

Simplicity is unconditional love between kids and moms.

Jeannette Kim, Resource Manager 

Simplicity for me as a mom can be boiled down to one phrase: “Just listen.” Being a kid is hard! The best approach is to hold your tongue and be a good listener.

Gillian Spilchuk, Senior Production Designer 

The truth is that simplicity is always best because it makes things easy. As mothers, we’re overwhelmed trying to do it all. We want to do and be our best. But the thing is, doing your best does not mean working yourself into a mental breakdown—yet that’s how many of us are living.

Do you know what always-having and always-doing bring into motherhood today? Stress. Overwhelm. Anxiety. Exhaustion.

The world our children are growing up in today isn’t just cluttered; it’s chaotic. The chaos is leading to an epidemic of stress and anxiety in childhood. Our stress is affecting our children. Of course, we can’t create a perfect life, but we can start recognizing and removing all the clutter we control.

In motherhood, simple is smart. We can choose presence over perfection, compassion over criticism and simplicity over stuff. By choosing minimalism, we are trading overwhelmed for just enough.

Lori Almeida, Global Chief Talent Officer 

Life wasn’t always so simple. When my kids were young, life was busy! So many activities, sports, school…so much going on! But how things have calmed down. Both of my kids are grown-ups and established in their careers. They are good, kind, respectable and respectful, which couldn’t make my job as mom any simpler!

Barbara Winters, Creative Services Specialist


Anyone who is mom or dad will know that being a parent is far from simple. As a mom, simplicity for me is simply one word, love.

Dalia Fawaz, Creative Director 

Bedtime for us is the simplest way to end our day. After a long day of nagging about homeschooling, or juggling work and meal times, I use bedtime as an opportunity to check in. I get into bed with my son and talk about the day, make amends for hurt feelings and cuddle with him until he falls asleep.

Amran Aadan, Junior Management Accountant


West Coast:

Being a mother is the most prized position of my life. Though parenting is complex, my philosophy is simple. I strive to show her a life which is true to our values, engrained with loyalty and authenticity. What I receive in return, reflects the same—the simplicity of deep and unconditional love!

Shana Orth, Group Director, Account Management

Simplicity in motherhood is about focusing on what matters mostand letting the rest just be. For my daughter and I, that is using our imaginations and having silly fun together as often as possible, being kind to ourselves and others and remembering we can do anything and be anyone.

Gretchen Huestis, Group Director, Employee Engagement