Jone Yang | 杨志俊

Senior Designer | 资深设计师

Jone has over nine years of experience in dedicated brand design. He believes that powerful design should be built on brands’ intrinsic DNAs and integrated with up-to-date ethoses and concepts to connect internally and externally.


Has worked with:

  • Wanke | 万科
  • Union Pay | 银联
  • vivo | 维沃科技
  • Starbucks | 星巴克
  • LVHM Group | LVHM Group
  • NVC | 雷士照明
  • Yeahka | 移卡

Is an expert in:

Brand design | 品牌设计

Graphic design | 平面设计

Visual communication | 视觉交流

Cultural expression | 文化表达

Wants you to know:

Art and design institute of Nanjing institute of technology


Basketball and cycling addict


Cat lover