Simplicity at Work study shows only one out of five employees find their workplace truly simple

 NEW YORK CITY, NY, NOVEMBER 2, 2017A recent study conducted by Siegel+Gale shows that organizations who invest in simplifying their workplace benefit from greater trust, advocacy, innovation and retention among employees. Despite this, 30 percent of employees find their workplace complex and difficult to navigate.

Simplicity Pays
What constitutes a simple workplace? Organizations that communicate clearly from the top about their purpose, values and business goals tend to be simpler. These workplaces convey how employees’ roles impact relationships with clients and ultimately, drive business results. Simple workplaces foster psychological safety, engendering trust and workplace effectiveness. In a simple organization:

  • 95 percent of employees are more likely to trust their company’s leadership;
  • 54 percent find it easier to innovate;
  • 65 percent are more likely to refer someone to work at their company;
  • 84 percent of employees plan to stay longer in their job.

Brand Champions
Simple workplaces have a higher rate of brand champions who understand and are committed to what their company stands for. These employees are motivated by intangible factors, such as personal fulfillment and growth. They also tend to have longer tenures, while disengaged employees are driven by salary and benefits alone. Findings include:

  • Brand champions in simple workplaces are 65 percent more likely to advocate—even evangelizeon behalf of their companies;
  • Purpose-driven industries have more brand champions55 percent of military employees consider themselves brand champions, versus just 20 percent in retail and grocery sectors;
  • Cultural norms impact brand champions48 percent of employees in India consider themselves brand champions, versus only 12 percent in Japan.

“In an era where your people are your brand, the study shows how simplicity boosts organizational culture to drive business value,” said Brian Rafferty, global director of business analytics and insights at Siegel+Gale. “The research shows the benefits for businesses, large and small, to simplify life at work. The creation and preservation of a strong workplace culture is a differentiator for attracting and retaining top talent. Building company culture through simple experiences at work is critical.”

At Siegel+Gale, simplicity is at the centerpiece of the strategies we develop to connect brands with their audiences and reach their full potential. We offer a full suite of services in insights, employee engagement, strategy, design, brand communication, naming, digital, experience and activation.

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At Siegel+Gale, we’ve long held the belief that simplicity pays for brands that embrace it. Brands that provide simple experiences win the hearts and minds of customers and employees.

We surveyed more than 14,000 people in nine countries to understand the relationship between simple workplaces and engaged employees and how this impacts the bottom line for companies across the globe.

We then looked at the connection between simple workplaces—those where employees easily get their work done and feel productive and fulfilled doing so—and levels of engagement with their employer’s brand.

We asked:

  • How well they understood their employer’s brand and how committed they are to what that brand stands for;
  • How simple they felt their company was at different points in the workplace experience (e.g., recruitment, workload management, day-to-day interactions);
  • How easy or hard it was to innovate and bring about new ideas;
  • What factors influenced preference for working at their company versus another.

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