As the preeminent global brand experience firm, we at Siegel+Gale have made it our mission to help our clients build great brands. Inclusive storytelling is one of our preferred lenses through which to view and build brands.

With inclusive storytelling as the focus, we recently hosted a CMO Panel series, which convened 39 leading CMOs from around the world to explore how brands are at once building their brands and forging a more gender-equal world, as well as how storytelling in our marketing programs can shape culture and public opinion.

We asked our panelists: “What is your organization’s commitment (or personal commitment) to forging greater gender equity, and how will you measure progress?”

To explore the themes that emerged and how these commitments elucidate the opportunities and realities facing CMOs and illustrate the arc of a brand’s or leader’s commitment to creating a more inclusive world, download our report.