B2B Financial Services: New insights on the impact of brand

The findings may surprise you: Click here to download the report.

We conducted an online survey of 200+ clients of asset management, corporate banking and investment banking services on which key factors influence their decision to invest. Respondents were asked to rate institutions on a series of attributes relating to a firm’s brand, personnel, financial solutions and fees, as well as to indicate their preference for one firm over another.

Based on this information, and using our proprietary business analytics tool, we determined how much brand influences a client’s decision to invest.

To decipher the decision-making process of someone seeking a financial services partner, we set out to:

  • Understand the role of brand in selecting a firm
  • Ascertain the impact of “brand” on revenue
  • Determine which brand attributes matter most

Brand is a significant driver for business decision-makers when determining the right banking partner. Understanding a brand’s contribution to the bottom line is quantifiable. This report reveals just how much.