A Global Perspective

Siegel+Gale maintains vibrant offices in both established and expanding markets around the world. Each office is tightly integrated with the others, and staffed with a combination of both regional and international talent. With this breadth and diversity of expertise, our cosmopolitan team offers our clients a truly global perspective on their brands.

North America

Our home territory of North America includes three locations; in addition to our New York City flagship office, we operate from both Los Angeles and San Francisco—serving a panoply of clients across every sector.

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Our London location boasts agile teams harnessing the new markets and fluid business opportunities of a rapidly transforming Europe. Based in major market centers, both offices serve an ever-expanding list of clients in the financial services, telecommunications, media, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and technology sectors.

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Our office in Shanghai positions us to guide our clients through what many are calling "the Chinese Century." As a once-dormant branding market continues to grow and thrive, our teams of talented strategists, artists and technologists help global and Chinese brands alike navigate the complexities of this fascinating region.

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Middle East

The cosmopolitan city of Dubai—a focal point for economic growth and development—hosts our Middle East and Africa office. From here, our diverse team serves burgeoning new economies through our work with energy, financial services and telecommunications companies as well as governmental organizations involved in culture, tourism and education.

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