Brand architecture

Do you have the right mix of brands? How well do the parts hold together? And how can you extend your brand in the future without tainting or diluting it?

Your business environment changes constantly. Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and product developments can all require an evaluation of your brand portfolio. Your brand architecture—the way all your offerings and entities present themselves to the world in relation to one another—is the cornerstone of sustainable brand development.

Sound brand architecture strategy protects brand value, promotes efficiency, builds organizational cohesion and gives you a rational process for making all brand-related decisions. Like all architecture, it has to balance strength and flexibility, economy and aesthetic, precision and emotion.

We start with the strong, strategic foundation of your business and your brand, then factor in external drivers, including the way customers make decisions, how well they understand your offerings today and the loyalty they feel for brands in your current portfolio. Through our rigorous process, we develop the optimal brand architecture strategy that aligns your entities and offerings, maintains the right balance between your parent brand and any sub-brands, and anticipates future directions.

As a full-service partner, we’re able to marshal all the resources needed to build on the blueprint of brand architecture—from naming and visual identity design to guidelines, brand alignment and migration planning. We deliver an efficient brand architecture strategy that supports your business priorities in a way your customers can easily understand.


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