Siegel+Gale is partnering with Da Vinci Schools to offer a free round of naming work for one select client

This offer is available to any business that has a naming need in April and May. If you are selected, you will get access to Siegel+Gale’s full-time naming experts in addition to the bright young minds from the Da Vinci Schools.

As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, our work with Da Vinci students has allowed us to bring a diverse group of students deeper into the world of branding. Siegel+Gale has been educating and training the high school students of the Da Vinci Communications group for several years about brand strategy, verbal identity, and naming. Our naming experts recently worked with a group of 11th and 12th graders from Da Vinci Communications’ marketing pathway on creating brand names for a “human-centered design” school project.


The answer is simple.

A free round of naming that draws from a fresher and more diverse perspective. Our industry leading brand experts and a talented group of smart, strategic branders of the future will contribute creatively to your project.

At Siegel+Gale, we believe great names come from anywhere and anyone. Wider perspectives and experiences help to push the creative process further, leading to fresher and richer names. Working alongside some of the best and brightest young minds from Da Vinci, your business will reap the benefit of having the most diverse creative team working to find the richest brand naming solutions.

Your commitment to this project is also providing the opportunity for the next generation of brand strategists to learn and hone their craft.

  • To qualify, your project must be ready to kick off the creative exploration no later than the week of April 17th.
  • We will be selecting applications until April 14th.
  • We will then alert the selected applicant for the free round of naming the week of April 17th.
  • We understand that there may be privacy concerns over disclosing certain project materials or information to students. In addition to including Non-Disclosure Agreements, we will also work with the selected applicant to determine the appropriate about of information to share with the students. We remain flexible in finding a solution that meets your comfort level.
  • The students from Da Vinci will receive course credits for their work on the project.
About Da Vinci

Siegel+Gale has partnered with Da Vinci Communications High School in El Segundo, CA since 2020 to engage students with a real-life perspective on working within the branding industry. Volunteers from S+G brand strategy, communications, design, and naming have assisted students with projects and conducted workshops to enhance skills and give students a wider, more in-depth look inside the world of branding.

Da Vinci Communications is one of 3 high schools in the Da Vinci Schools ecosystem, which serves students on-campus and hybrid from K-12th grade. Da Vinci Communications current enrollment is approx. 500 students and includes students from 9-12th grade. Over the course of 4 years these students will have exposure to several different career pathways across marketing, journalism, computer science, and media production. These pathways include specialized courses as well as unique opportunities for students to work alongside professionals in these fields as well as opportunities for internships.

The mission of Da Vinci Schools is: to improve the quality of life for our students by cultivating culture, building future-ready skills, developing partnerships, and creating impact in our work to solve complex educational problems.

To learn more about Da Vinci Schools or how to get involved please visit:

Da Vinci Communications

Da Vinci Schools

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