SMPL Q&A: Dominick Ricci and Julie Lee discuss our work for Quicken

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SMPL Q&A is a blog feature in which we interview experts on all things relevant to branding, design and simplicity. In this Q&A, we speak with Dominick Ricci, associate creative director, and Julie Lee, account director, about Siegel+Gale’s work for Quicken. 

Why did Quicken engage Siegel+Gale?

In early 2016, Intuit announced the divestiture of Quicken, Inc. based on its plans to take the company in a new strategic direction. Under the new ownership of the private equity firm H.I.G. Capital, Quicken took the opportunity to reimagine a visual identity, while acknowledging guardrails around the legacy Quicken brand, to broaden its appeal to include a younger customer base as they evolved their product offerings to compete in the personal financial management space.

What did the engagement entail?

We began with an immersive brand and experience audit that included over 20 internal team interviews and eight qualitative, one-on-one interviews with prospective users. We also completed a competitive landscape audit to further understand the complexities, needs and opportunities of the Quicken brand. Our team partnered to reimagine Quicken’s positioning and values by developing before and after messaging illustrations. To bring the fresh positioning to life, we then ventured into visual design exploration to create a new identity system that would maintain the legacy Quicken master logo. To further innovate the evolution of Quicken’s redefined positioning and visual system, we collaborated with Adam Simpson, a London-based artist, to develop customized illustration artwork. Additionally, we partnered with Quicken on an internal visual campaign through the creation of company values visuals, screensavers, PowerPoint templates, business cards, and a new email signature.

What were the biggest challenges of this assignment and how did the team overcome them?

Quicken has a large, established customer base, however, it is comprised of a maturing demographic. Quicken engaged Siegel+Gale to achieve a dually-focused goal – retain and continue to appeal to their existing, loyal user base, while attracting a new user base of younger, digital natives.

Siegel+Gale was also tasked with creating a refreshed identity that did not detract from the legacy Quicken master logo. Keeping the master logo and fonts intact, we introduced a reimagined version that could be used for marketing communications and other internal assets.  The limits set ultimately empowered creativity.

What made the assignment unique?

To help Quicken engage their existing and evolving user bases and stand out within their competitive landscape, Siegel+Gale had to develop a strong, modern and simple visual system. Our team’s partnership with Adam Simpson generated a body of work that synced perfectly with our visual approach to repositioning Quicken. We worked closely with Adam from initial art direction to refining his digital artwork – bringing over 20 custom illustrations to life. The key aspect that aligned Adam’s work to our vision is that it is all digitally created and built in individual layers. This allowed us to curate a nearly infinite amount of ‘scenes’ based on all of the layered composed artwork. We were able to translate the variety within the work produced by using a bicycle rider from one illustration and a businessperson from another to create a unique brand communication.

Dominick Ricci is an associate creative director at Siegel+Gale. Follow him on Twitter:@DominickRicci

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