Siegel+Gale Co-CEO, David B. Srere, delivers TEDx Talk on the Real Power of Simplicity

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Why is simple smart? Our co-CEO and chief strategy officer, David Srere, sought to address this very question during his recent TEDx talk in Monmouth University, Long Branch, New Jersey.

Now in its third year, the independently organized TED event, TEDxNavesink explored how Accelerators are creating game-changing innovation and promoting cutting-edge thinking. Accelerators are: Catalysts. Change makers. Inflection points. Pivotal moments. Some 27 speakers and performers delivered inspiring talks on topics ranging from quantum intelligence to sanctioned addition to a packed auditorium of more than 700 people. One theme, however, continued to emerge—simplicity.

In this deeply personal and compelling talk, David explains how the principles of simplicity transcended his professional work and helped him become a better father to his son.

Photo credit: Jennifer Bennett Photography 

David B. Srere is co-CEO and chief strategy officer at Siegel+Gale. Follow him on Twitter: @David_Srere



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