Mitchell Kirkham-Cooper

Business Development Director, Europe

Mitchell has worked across a wide range of creative and marketing services disciplines, particularly focused on pharmaceuticals, financial and professional services. He looks to bring his breadth of experience coupled with an attitude of unshakable curiosity to whatever he does. With an interest in literature, philosophy and psychology, Mitchell is skilled in digging for truths, and coming up with creative solutions to organizational challenges.

Has worked with:

  • University of Bristol
  • 20th Century Fox
  • 3M
  • HSBC
  • GSK

Is an expert in:

  • Uncovering and exploring organisational challenges
  • Building relationships based on collaboration and creative problem solving

Wants you to know:

  • Certificate of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, University of London
  • BA Hons English Literature
  • Fading dreams of achieving cricketing glory
  • Fairweather fashion writer/photographer with a penchant for an outrageous jacket
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