Mike McKay

Director, Brand Communication

Mike believes the right brand idea can resonate with both consumers and internal audiences alike. And when executed flawlessly, it can live in their minds for years to come. When it comes to creative execution, Mike enjoys working with talented writers and designers to craft something really special and unexpected for his clients.

Has worked with:

  • Apple
  • Virgin America
  • Adidas
  • Google
  • Lyft

Is an expert in:

  • Articulating brand and product messaging for a wide range of internal and external audiences
  • Creating content that doesn’t merely appeal to the rational side but also makes people “feel” something on an emotional level
  • Working with writers and designers to craft memorable, unexpected and sharable executions

Wants you to know:

  • Was the lead writer on an hp campaign that became a Harvard Business School case study
  • Named “Copywriter of the Year” by AdAge Creativity
  • Mike’s YouTube video, “Swagger Wagon,” was named one of the “10 Most Viewed Videos” of the decade
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