Margaret Molloy

Global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Development

Margaret delivers breakthrough marketing and business development programs that grow awareness, profit and team pride. She brings sense and sensibility—a blend of analytics and creative thinking—to everything she does.

Has worked with:

  • Gerson Lehrman Group
  • Siebel Systems/Oracle
  • Telecom Ireland US

Is an expert in:

  • Helping CMOs and all brand leaders realize the power of simplicity
  • Connecting the dots, and people, to build powerful relationships
  • Captivating audiences through compelling public speaking and thought leadership
  • Building high-performance teams

Wants you to know:

  • MBA Harvard Business School
  • Top 5 Most Influential CMO on Social Media (Forbes)
  • 2017 Marketer of the Year (The Drum)
  • Trilingual, fluent in Irish and Spanish
  • Master connector
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