Media Post published a piece by Britt Bulla on how brands should and should not communicate to customers during a crisis. Jason Cieslak spoke with Fast Company and Adweek about the delay of the 2020 Summer Olympics and the subsequent branding ramifications. In AdAge, Aaron Hall examined the importance of involving employees in a company’s renaming process. Lastly, Doug Sellers spoke with CNN Business about the trend of ‘social distancing’ logos.


Who are your real brand friends? How to communicate to customers during a crisis

Media Post – March 31, 2020


The Olympics will be in 2021. The branding will still say ‘2020’ Is that a smart move?

Fast Company – March 27, 2020


Olympic sponsors may rethink marketing to reflect current events after delay of summer games

Adweek – March 27, 2020


McDonald’s and other brands are making ‘social distancing’ logos

CNN Business – March 26, 2020


Include your employees in your company’s naming process

AdAge – March 19, 2020


Rite Aid unveils brand refresh and new store layout

Adweek – March 18, 2020


BMW redesigns its iconic logo

CNN – March 4, 2020