We provided unity and clarity to the United States Mint.


The United States Mint has been the world’s largest coin maker, the sole authorized manufacturer of American coins and the official guardian of the American gold supply since 1792. The problem was, no one knew it. The Mint’s main objectives were to drive sales of collectible coins, to encourage the use of the dollar coin and to boost public awareness on the roles and responsibilities of the U.S. Mint. To do so, the Mint needed an identity that celebrated its legacy and defined its ongoing relevance to the modern American public.

The United States Mint earned a 2011 REBRAND 100® Best of award, one of only nine organizations worldwide to receive this designation.

United States Mint


Using the insight that our American coins are not only pieces of commerce, but also part of our country’s common language, we were able to elevate and enliven the Mint’s brand promise: “Connecting America through Coins.” To re-introduce the public to the U.S. Mint, we developed a new logo—the optimistic image of a coin flipping in the air—alluding to the Mint’s history of artistic excellence. We also designed an elegant new website that details the Mint’s current responsibilities and hints at its future endeavors.

Because the purpose and impact of branding were unknown to most employees at all six U.S. Mint locations, we developed a brand story, a brand video, an updated intranet and a Train-the-Trainer program to educate stakeholders and employees. This generated newfound brand awareness and excitement, and ensured a consistent, successful adoption of the new identity.

Finally, the United States Mint asked us to redesign the packaging of its highest selling retail item: the annual United States Mint Proof Set®. We standardized the sets across all six locations with a simple, elegant packaging that still allowed some location-specific flexibility to demonstrate each set’s unique heritage and origin.


According to the United States Mint’s Chief Strategy Officer: “This brand unification re-engaged the United States Mint while saving the agency and the country valuable time and money. A well-managed agency has a well-managed brand. Our design united multiple disparate brands and was the best way to reduce redundancies and costs, while creating a more effective agency.”

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