Creating a lasting name for a timeless product.


Since the launch of their first jukebox in 1998, TouchTunes has successfully reinvented jukebox music players in thousands of venues across the country. Already well-known and received in North America, TouchTunes was looking for a music branding strategy that would help them to expand into international markets with a new and innovative product. In order to establish a presence in new markets, they needed a powerful name that could resonate across cultures while preserving the old-school jukebox appeal.


TouchTunes approached Siegel+Gale to create a captivating brand name for their new product. The process soon proved complex: “jukebox” is a word that transcends generations, and immediately brings an image and context to life. We had to name a product with a pre-established and instantly recognizable function to allow TouchTunes’ evolution into a broader market.

Having researched TouchTunes’ global opportunities and the facets of their product strategy needs, our naming team came up with a fresh, illustrative and simple name: Playdium.

The idea is nuanced: it combines the action-oriented play with stadium, while drawing on the historical context and vibrancy of palladium. The result is an evocative hybrid concept that captures both the active purpose of the jukebox machine and the hallowed music amphitheaters of history past.



With the introduction of the Playdium brand and product line, TouchTunes has successfully redefined the global pay-for-play music market. “Playdium is our ambassador product,” says Ed Rivera, Chief Advisor to the CEO. “It’s poised to be TouchTunes’ most successful product offering yet.” Playdium sales continue to grow, keeping the history and power of the jukebox alive while reinventing the digital music experience.

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