After a spinoff, the birth of a newer, standalone brand focused on digital media innovation


In early 2015, publisher Gannett made the decision separate into two individual companies, spinning of its digital and broadcast divisions to simplify and codify its position as a print publisher.

A complicated undertaking unto itself, Gannett engaged us to help them create an identity for a new entity that not only carried on the prowess, heritage and quality attributed to Gannett, but that could quickly establish itself as its own force in the market place.


Our expert naming team worked quickly and nimbly to develop a name that spoke to Gannett’s rich history while simultaneously signifying a forward-looking approach to the new entity. We landed on TEGNA, a name derived from the letters with Gannett itself.

With this new name in place, we developed an identity to match, as well as a transition kit for all internal stakeholders. These “kits” included desk-drops, brand books filled with guidelines and information, and additional collateral to help employees understand the sea change at an internal, as well as external, level.

We also worked with Gannett/TEGNA on an implementation plan that covered everything from physical to digital: outfitting their offices with new environmental designs and signage, and ultimately creating a fresh new digital presence for the company, solidifying its independent identity.


Now, as two companies, Gannett and TEGNA are primed to re-emerge as standalone entities in the marketplace.

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