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Naveen Kumar founded Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions with a clear and simple purpose: provide high-quality, easily available education for low-income children across India. In doing so, Sudiksha offers an atmosphere where every student can learn and develop confidence and curiosity. “Building an organization with the simple and necessary goal of providing an affordable, high-quality education is full of challenges,” said Kumar. Among those challenges, Kumar needed a brand strategy, messaging and identity that would help attract both new students and the funding to realize his vision.

Working with a firm like Siegel+Gale helped me to realize that the process can be simple—the team really understood our needs and provided information and guidance in a clear way. It was a very touching and transformative experience.

Naveen Kumar, Founder of Sudiksha


Inspired by the cause and prepared to take on the challenge, we partnered with Kumar and Sudiksha. After numerous interviews, we were able to pinpoint exactly what brand assets would help Sudiksha accomplish its ambitious goal of opening 500 schools in the next 5 years.

Keeping in mind that running a school for low-income children is a high-cost scenario, we endeavored to create compelling brand assets that would help reduce Sudiksha’s overall costs. As such, Siegel+Gale found that standardization and simplification was needed at every level—from creating consistent messaging to developing an eye-catching and flexible visual identity for all Sudiksha properties that could be implemented quickly and cost effectively.

By creating a harmonious brand experience and expression, Siegel+Gale made room for Sudiksha to reduce expenses, gain revenue and bolster enrollment figures. “Previously, it cost us 20,000 rupees to paint school facilities,” says Kumar. “With the standardized logos, colors and guidelines, we can now do that for only 1,000.”


The rebrand was an inclusive effort, as critical feedback was integrated along every step of the process and, in early 2014, the public reaction to the new brand launch was tremendously positive. Kumar says, “Now the mission statement and what we need to communicate to families and investors is much clearer—including our brand values and the benefits for all of our audiences.” With its fresh and compelling brand identity backing up the value of a solid education, Sudiksha Knowledge Solutions has transformed into a brand with the power and purpose to carry out its mission.

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