We gave Phoenix House the tools to express its true identity.


For more than 40 years, Phoenix House has pioneered some of the field’s best practices in addiction treatment and recovery management, all while growing into a network of 120 community residences, serving more than 7,000 clients each day. But despite being a vital, dynamic, contemporary organization, Phoenix House was sometimes seen as outdated or “one size fits all.” As it planned to become the best substance-abuse care provider in the nation, Phoenix House needed to shine a light on its relevance and leadership.

This new logo and tagline are staggeringly good...it’s seldom that printed matter can strike an emotional chord in such an elegant, simple way. This does.

Phoenix House Board Members


We took on the task of crafting a visual and verbal identity that would set the story straight. We started by speaking with clients and staff to get a sense of how they viewed the organization. From their inspiring stories, we realized the core purpose of the organization is helping those affected by addiction lead productive lives. Building the brand strategy on this optimistic goal provided us with inspiration for a hopeful new symbol—a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of addiction, and symbolizing the metamorphosis Phoenix House helps clients make.


With a vibrant visual system and a renewed sense of pride and self-awareness, Phoenix House began to communicate like an industry leader—expressing itself with clarity, care and authority. Following the brand launch, Phoenix House’s annual Recovery Rally welcomed more than 1,500 participants, and interest in employment opportunities reached new heights.

We continue to work with Phoenix House to ensure that the organization lives and communicates its brand promise of shepherding those who are suffering from chaos to coherence, and from helplessness to hope.

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