We turned NETGEAR into the champion of connectivity.


NETGEAR, a global provider of wireless networking products was searching for a way to articulate its brand reputation that fully reflected its success. Despite recent surges in sales and considerable strength in retail, the company’s brand meaning had become muddled. No longer just a “router” company, NETGEAR’s new product mix needed a unifying message that would build on the company’s retail strength, reach all audiences and raise the company to even greater heights.

[Siegel+Gale’s] attention to detail with great research and design gave us the platform we need to stand out and showcase our brand as we grow.

Robin Selden, NETGEAR’s Vice President of Global and Retail Marketing


Our research highlighted the need to bring simplicity to the forefront. In many ways, simplicity and ease of use had always defined NETGEAR’s brand—but now it was time to redefine connectivity in a way that moved beyond routers. NETGEAR would become the “champion of connectivity.” Building on that promise, we developed a people-focused purpose that made every employee a champion furthering that cause.

To express the brand’s new direction, we optimized the existing NETGEAR logo by developing a robust visual design system, complete with a bold color palette and a modern graphic motif as the centerpiece. By introducing a tiered color palette and photographic categories, we were able to tailor communications to key customer segments.

To ensure a successful launch, we conducted training workshops, drafted extensive design guidelines, created templates for print use, as well as on-screen applications, and rolled out an environmental signage system to offices worldwide. We also prepared NETGEAR for the future by developing customer journey maps that align the customer experience with the new brand strategy.


With everyone in the company fully engaged, NETGEAR unveiled its new brand platform and visual identity at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “Siegel+Gale had a challenge to define a brand promise that was powerful across three very different business units—and they delivered with great success,” said Robin Selden, NETGEAR’s Vice President of Global and Retail Marketing.

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