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With a rich history of medical excellence, research innovation, a policy of non-discrimination, and unique approaches to medical education, Mount Sinai Medical Center is one of New York City’s most respected health care institutions. However, in a city full of great hospital systems, it has been difficult for Mount Sinai to stand out. With this in mind, our team of branding specialists set out to define what made Mount Sinai special and figure out how they could attract the best talent and elevate the quality of patient care.


First, we crafted a compelling story based on Mount Sinai’s goal to “expand the possibilities of medicine,” and used this to articulate the institution’s ability to adapt in the ever-changing industry of medical care. Next, we simplified the brand architecture, starting with a detailed analysis of Mount Sinai’s inconsistent nomenclature, which made it difficult for patients to navigate the medical center. We found that patients had trouble understanding the application and role of doctors labeled as Faculty Practice—and the lack of distinction between academic research and medical research undermined the importance of the institution’s groundbreaking discoveries. The juxtaposition of financial donor names and graphic identities with these terms further complicated the picture.

To make online and physical way-finding easier, we reinforced the brand story and simplified the brand architecture. To increase patient and referring physician awareness and demand, we provided a new name and brand identity for the Faculty Practice—Mount Sinai Doctors. We also created a modernized logo and visual identity system, taking inspiration from the biblical mountain, Mount Sinai. The dynamic, interconnected lines and the fresh, color combination communicate the hospitals forward momentum and commitment to integration. Additionally, we provided an implementation guide that detailed how to apply this new image to external and internal signage, communications, and online media to create an integrated 21st century medical center.


Since launch, the Mount Sinai brand has really taken shape. From the new story that’s being told, to the appearance of the medical center itself, to the clarity of its architecture and communications, to employee pride, Mount Sinai is poised to expand the possibilities of medicine in the years to come.

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