Creating a new brand story for a global cybersecurity leader.


Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held cybersecurity company. Building solutions to keep each one of their 400 million users one step ahead of potential threats.

After experiencing exponential growth, Kaspersky Lab needed to unite the company around one common brand story, thereby educating and forging deeper connections with audiences while also providing a foundation for future growth. A brand storytelling challenge that Kaspersky Lab had been grappling with historically. Ultimately the brand needed a clear story and new identity to better express Kaspersky Lab’s promise to customers and to unite and inspire their employees worldwide.


Inspired by Kaspersky Lab’s mission to protect, we helped articulate a new brand purpose: “We give people the power to protect what matters most in their world” which we amplified with a refreshed visual identity system, establishing an immediate connection between Kaspersky Lab and their customers.


Kaspersky Lab’s distinctive offering is clearly differentiated in the competitive marketplace, now leveraging the superior intelligence, hands-on innovation and the essential human dimension through a simplified brand story.

To ensure that the recalibrated brand was implemented consistently on a global scale, we conducted Brand Immersion sessions across cities in Kaspersky Lab’s key territories. Informing employees about the new direction for the brand and coaching on how to present this in a meaningfully different, yet consistent, way.

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