We helped Ingersoll Rand unify its brands and simplify its message.


After nearly a century of mergers and acquisitions, the multibillion-dollar industrial corporation, Ingersoll Rand, found itself with more than 200 consumer and commercial brands under its umbrella. While they may have started as an “old line” machinery manufacturer, their expansion had transformed them into a much more modern and diverse company. Ingersoll Rand needed a strategy to harness the innovative energy of its many subsidiary brands, and link them together as an integrated whole.


By analyzing the company in terms of the solutions it offered and not just the products it manufactured, we discovered a common theme that characterized all its business units: Ingersoll Rand turns work into progress by unleashing the potential in people and technologies. With this insight in mind, we updated its visual identity and created the tagline “Inspiring Progress” to define the organization’s core brand. Furthermore, we mapped out a comprehensive brand architecture and design system—along with new sector names—to align all parts of the organization. Our thorough brand guidelines and model internal communications provided them with a system to guide future growth.


As the newly created brand platform rolled out, Ingersoll Rand transformed its image from a maker of products to a driver of progress. Most important, the transition fostered a change that brought Ingersoll Rand together as an organization, and enhanced its public image as a force for innovation.

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