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When Tagged, Inc. was originally founded in 2004 by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith, it was a single product company focused on creating a new social network. By 2011, Tagged Inc. had acquired a number of social and digital products and apps and a second social network, Hi5.com, making it one of the fastest growing startups in the Web 2.0 boom. While Tagged and Hi5 continued to connect people, the company has since shifted its focus from social media networks to becoming a tech incubator—fostering businesses and ideas that reflect where the company had originated from some ten years prior. Having diversified over the decade, the executives at Tagged, Inc. realized that they needed something to show the market that they were more than a single-product company. They needed a new story—one that would help them win the war for talent in a competitive space. The first word in any good story is a brand name.

Renaming a company after a period of immense growth is never easy—the market has come to know you by one name, and changing it can be disastrous for reputation and visibility. With this reality in mind, Tagged, Inc. turned to the experts at Siegel+Gale.


One of the key factors in reimagining Tagged, Inc.’s name was the company’s focus on people—they have, for more than a decade, been dedicated to connecting people through the power of technology and the Internet. In order to tell this story, the global naming team at Siegel+Gale focused on the human and group aspects of Tagged’s business. Because of the massive growth in Tagged Inc.’s business over the course of a decade, they wanted to rebrand as a company dedicated to their employees, so the name needed to resonate with employees, shareholders and customers alike.

Our team worked iteratively and expediently within a 90-day timeframe to meet the needs of Tagged’s timeline. They ultimately selected Ifwe—stylized If(we). Short, sweet and unique in the market, the name represents a proposition–(if) to the group (we)—which draws on startup culture and imperative to ask questions and connect with people. “Siegel+Gale told us that the name should be a short poem, one that is surprising and tells a story,” Says Steve Sarner, CMO of If(we). “We wanted something that would be notable and capture people’s attention and imagination, and we got it.”


Since renaming their brand from Tagged, Inc. to If(we) the company has been able to establish itself as one of the premiere product and tech incubators in Silicon Valley. “If(we) has been a real differentiator,” says Sarner, “the logic and process with Siegel+Gale was great and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Renaming the company signified a decisive benefit to their talent acquisition strategy, seeing as much as 5x as many engineers and developers entering its recruitment pipeline than before, and close-rates triple since the new identity went live.

What’s in a name? Success.

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