We gave YouSendIt a new name that helped it—and 43 million customers—soar.


YouSendIt, a global leader in file sharing, storage and management, was facing increasing competition in the cloud market. As it expanded to address greater business needs, it needed a newer, catchier brand name that would resonate with its evolving brand and help it remain relevant.

The Siegel+Gale team provided great creativity and expertise throughout our re-naming process. Their branding methodology helped us arrive at a name that stands out in the category, yet remains relatable, true to our roots and resonates globally.

Mike Trigg, Chief Marketing Officer, Hightail


Our goal was to create a brand name that built on YouSendIt’s brand equity while communicating where it was going. To achieve this, we developed specific naming criteria, considered thousands of names and conducted hundreds of preliminary trademark screens. The end result was a name that suggests speed, agility, energy, motion and accomplishment, and also hints at the paper airplane YouSendIt was known for: Hightail. The name is now an action, a verb—just like you can “Google” something, you can also “Hightail” it. Going well beyond the idea of sending files, the new name is about making work faster and more efficient.


Just four months after announcing its new name and launching its visual identity, Hightail landed $34 million in new funding to expand its international presence and finance acquisitions. Today, the brand continues to move “beyond send” as it provides users around the world with an easy and secure way to access, share, and store files and folders.

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