We helped GAM revamp and refocus by unifying its purpose and story.


Following a decade of corporate leadership changes, GAM, now once again a leading independent asset management firm with a newly appointed CEO, wanted to unify operations and solidify their brand. Ready to embrace this positive change, GAM defined a series of challenges the firm faced in developing a more modern brand. Among them, the company lacked a unifying purpose and story, and a look that would illustrate how far GAM has come and where it’s going. To accompany them on this journey, they enlisted Siegel+Gale.


The investment management sector is notoriously perceived as self-absorbed, elitist and exclusive. Rather than reinforce these tropes, GAM wanted to present itself as a trusted and inclusive partner for its clients.

From the outset, the ambition was to show what makes GAM: the people behind it and the work they do for their clients. Long a company that has prized its highly in-tuned and tuned-in investment teams, GAM was committed to continue a tradition of fearlessness and independence—unafraid to follow their intuition, always looking for new ideas, and hell-bent on advancing the potential of capital for their clients.

Working with GAM’s key stakeholders, Siegel+Gale developed the expansive and progressive brand purpose—“Advancing the potential of capital”—to capture GAM’s distinctive value: the smart and novel solutions and services they offer and their foresight and fundamental belief in the potential of capital.

In order to tell the story about “the potential of capital,” GAM needed to be seen as bona-fide commentators and the most active of active asset managers. Based on their purpose statement, Siegel+Gale provided GAM with brand communication and messaging strategies, as well as an advanced set of tools to help them engage and delight their audiences with simple, surprising, and effective language.

To further expand this purpose and platform, Siegel+Gale refreshed GAM’s visual identity, bringing to life the visionary and decisive hallmarks of a strong, informed partner. The look reflects a bold and firm nod to GAM’s sharp investment offering, manifested in a handcrafted logo and an implicit message of asset protection.

Incorporating the visual identity into the new GAM website, from the homepage through the content and thought leadership, makes a compelling case for GAM’s expertise as a a leader in capital management and trusted guide for clients navigating a complex and uncertain world.


The new brand clearly, simply, and effectively demonstrates GAM’s unique value to the world. By helping GAM on their transformative journey from a boutique firm with an ambiguous voice to a unified global organization with a clear purpose, story, and look, GAM stands to gain immense market visibility, and is positioned to become a powerful leader and commentator in the asset management space.

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