We helped capture the voice of Clean Energy’s bold vision.


As the only producer of renewable natural gas for vehicles, Clean Energy recognizes the importance of fueling the transportation of tomorrow by producing usable fuel made from waste gases that would otherwise have escaped into the atmosphere. Clean Energy also helps companies meet their individual sustainability goals by offering original customized fuel blends of natural gas and methane. As potentially key actors at a critical moment in environmental history, Clean Energy approached energy branding agency, Siegel+Gale to give its unique fuel an energy brand and identity that would reflect its significance and impact.


We began by tapping into the essence of Clean Energy’s renewable gas: it’s fueling a new era of efficient transportation. Clean Energy’s proprietary fuel is more than just a product −it’s a principle, something to believe in.

Following in-depth research, our team developed a name for this game-changing fuel: Redeem. It was remarkably appropriate, capturing the process behind renewable natural gas collection and tapping into the momentum of the eco-friendly transportation movement. Buying this fuel means engaging with a lifestyle−it means respecting and engaging with the environment in a mutually rewarding process. Redeem’s story is reinforced by the nostalgic allusion to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” tagline. We then created a compelling new logo and a clear, action-oriented visual identity system. The “R” in the newly designed logo reflects the collaborative, pay-it-forward principle of the Redeem name and message, and is a nod to the product’s efficiency and sustainable premise.



The Redeem brand was an immediate and successful fit at Clean Energy. “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the work that Siegel+Gale has done to define the Redeem brand,” said Gary Foster, SVP, Corporate Communications at Clean Energy.

Clean Energy is now able to simply communicate with all its constituents–from fleet customers and employees to environmental groups and regulators–about what Redeem stands for. With a distinctive branding strategy and visual identity that reflect its mission, Clean Energy is now equipped to be the fuel of the future.


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