In the three years since this rebrand, Aetna is 10 million more members strong.


Two years before the Affordable Care Act, Aetna anticipated the change in healthcare that was coming: the ability for people to choose their own insurance providers and plans. Aetna already had 36.3 million members, but there was an opportunity to capture millions more. Driven by its vision “to be the global leader in empowering people to live healthier lives,” the company realized it needed to stop behaving as only a B-to-B enterprise and begin connecting more personally.


Our qualitative and quantitative research with key stakeholders informed our development of a credible and captivating brand platform that clearly reflected Aetna’s promise, values and voice. We also created a revitalized architecture for Aetna’s full suite of offerings and designed a modern, vibrant logo and identity that signaled innovation, game-changing technologies and collaborative relationships. To ensure a smooth rollout of the revitalized brand, we partnered with Aetna on implementation, providing multimedia tools and resources as well as training and support on brand architecture.


Following its brand transformation, Aetna made an unmistakable statement in the marketplace. Right away, prospective members recognized they could have the control they wanted over their health, with the warmth and support of Aetna behind them. “Aetna’s refreshed brand promise reflects our goal of creating a healthcare system that is more connected, convenient and cost-effective,” said Belinda Lang, the company’s head of brand, digital and consumer marketing. “We’re bringing the brand to life in our communications, interactions, products and processes—in short, every touchpoint that we have with our customers, providers and members.”

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