We gave a 60-year-old company a look that would stick.


By 1977, after getting its start as the “Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.,” the “3M Company” had evolved. Now a diversified manufacturer of commercial and consumer products ranging from Scotch Tape to construction materials to audio and photographic products, 3M needed a new identity system—one that would express the company’s spirit of innovation.

The simple 3M icon has been transformed from a mere design element into a valuable company asset.

“3M Logo History,” 3M.com


We began by designing a clean and striking new logo to capture the burst of insight, simplicity and strength that is 3M. We scrapped the word “Company” from the design, set the remaining two characters (“3” and “M”) in extra-bold letterforms and introduced a vibrant red in place of a decades-old blue. Finally, to guide the brand’s application in every part of the world, we constructed a comprehensive identity system—one that turned out to be timeless.


According to 3M’s company history, the brand’s new red color “caught on like wildfire.” Almost 40 years later, the identity system we developed still keeps the 3M brand fresh, modern and cohesive.

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