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Getting to the point about PowerPoint

Yesterday The New York Times article, “We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint” spurred hundreds of comments in a matter of hours on It was the most emailed article all day.

Vermont: A little state with a big brand

What U.S. states come to mind when you consider this country’s best branded?

New York and its “I ? New York” campaign should be on the list, though it might be tough to argue that the heart of this campaign sits anywhere outside of Manhattan. California holds a powerful force in the American imagination as a land of promise, and its current campaign “Find Yourself Here” is definitely a contender. And Colorado should definitely be in the mix. But what about a state with the smallest large city, and the least populous state capital? What about Vermont?

Volcanic eruption = brand interruption

I’m writing this blog entry from the Canary Islands. I am stuck here because a volcano in Iceland decided to erupt. Whilst this isn’t in itself a subject I would normally comment upon, the consequential actions of companies involved in exacerbating my predicament reveal serious brand blunders.

Pack light

By way of speaking of the future of online video, the Internet theorist Clay Shirky recently made some interesting observations about how increasing organizational complexity tends to lead to an inevitable collapse.

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