2012 Global Brand Simplicity Index: China

The need for simplicity and the corresponding economic value is greater than ever. In Siegel+Gale's third annual Global Brand Simplicity Index™ we evaluate the state, significance and impact of simplicity and provide recommendations on how brands can improve their customer relationships and create value. Key findings include:

  • The financial value brands can derive from greater simplicity
  • The crucial link between simplicity and the ability to innovate
  • The increased likelihood that global consumers will recommend a brand that offers a simpler experience
  • The best and worst brands and industries when it comes to simplicity and what can be learned from them

This year we analyzed the customer experience within the travel and hospitality, retail banking, and restaurant and grocery industries to understand how scale and different attributes of simplicity affect consumer perceptions. In addition, we examined how simple or complex people find their workplaces and which industries are making it most simple for employees to innovate. Finally we reveal how brands can use simplicity to gain loyalty (Net Promoter Score), better serve customers and boost profits.

Our 2012 survey of more than 6,000 people in seven countries across three continents uncovers respondents’ perceptions of numerous brands. The findings demonstrate consumers’ demand for simpler communications and experiences across industries and around the globe.

The top 10 brands of the China Brand Simplicity Index are:

Top 10 Chinese brands

How do these results compare to last year?

Learn more about how brands can leverage simplicity to gain customer loyalty and boost profits:

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