McNeal Maddox

Strategy Director, Brand development, Digital, based in San Francisco

McNeal’s first experience with brand development came in junior high, when, not content to remain mere consumers of comic books, he and his brother formed their own comic book company. The brand name, logo and signature style they created were so strong that one of their books is a permanent part of the Lynn R. Hansen Underground Comics Collection of Washington State University Library’s special collections archive—and they even sold a few.

Since then, McNeal has translated his natural business instincts and affinity for design into expertise in graphic design, marketing, web design and project management. As a senior strategist, he pulls from each of these disciplines to craft strategic and integrated branding solutions for our clients.

Since joining Siegel+Gale, McNeal has worked for several clients including Microsoft, Dow AgroSciences, McAfee, Genworth Financial, Yahoo! United Talent Agency, Activision and PayPal. McNeal previously served as a project manager at, where he managed the design, development and implementation of customized promotional campaigns for major advertisers such as Gillette, FedEx and Microsoft, as well as major sports leagues including the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. He also worked as a web developer at ING Advisors Network, the US brokerage division of ING, developing corporate communications and regulatory updates.

McNeal was also a graphic designer and front-end developer at Broadband Sports, a first-of-its-kind social media, e-commerce and fan loyalty platform for sports stars including Kobe Bryant, Roger Clemens, Troy Aikman, Sergei Fedorov, Michael Waltrip and Anna Kournikova. While at Broadband Sports, McNeal oversaw the design and development of the first website for the world-famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

McNeal graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in graphic design, and received his MBA from the University of Southern California. He is a regular columnist for ClickZ, the largest resource of interactive marketing news, information, commentary, advice, opinion, research and reference in the world.

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February 18th, 2014

Making valuable connections: Opportunities for brand-building through wi-fi sponsorship

The Internet is a tool that simplifies interactions, transactions, and education. Due to rising income inequality, fewer low-income U.S. citizens have disposable income for cable and Internet servi...

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May 12th, 2010

Working for Free: Applying Content Strategy to the Freemium Gaming Model

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June 12th, 2013

BAA: Marketing to the Omni-Channel Shopper

Retailers, manufacturers and technology firms gather at the Brand Activation Association's "Marketing to the Omni-Channel Shopper" event June 12th and 13th to learn how organizations are leveraging technology to impact all stages of the shopper journey. Join Siegel+Gale senior strategist McNeal Maddox as he attends this industry event and shares his knowledge on how brands can create strategies and experience influence the customer journeys, both online and offline.

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